Transworld Radio Part 2 / by Matt Brodie

If you've been reading the blog you might have seen that a group called Trans World Radio Europe wanted to use a picture of mine from Africa. (My Original blog post here) The images were for a monthly magazine called "antenne" published by ERF Medien. All of this is based out of Switzerland. So I am now technically an internationally published photographer!

Well the magazine today along with some other cool stuff as a thank you. I donated several images to them, because it's a cause I think it very worthy. The magazine itself is in a foreign language, so I have no idea what it says, but I think you get the idea when you look at the images and pick out a few key words.

What's really interesting is that they originally contacted me about an image I have of a Zimbabwe woman carrying a basket on her head. I sent them that image and a couple others I thought they might like. Turns out they didn't use the one they asked for and instead went with a picture of a Zimbabwe girl drinking water from a spicket instead.

As an added thank you they also gave me a CD form the Roma people called "Amaro Del" It's Roma Christian Worship music. I can't wait to listen to it!