Gamecocks, Shrimp, and some other bird. / by Matt Brodie

I really love finding old beat up things to photograph. It's a really pleasure to just sorta stumble on a bit of history and be able to photograph it. To be able to make a piece of art that will still be around long after something has fallen to pieces. This boat was one such gem! I was walking around an old harbor looking for something with that special touch of age and BAM it found me. The ol' Gamecock shrimp boat. I have no idea how old it is, who owns it, or even if it still shrimps. However, it does still float and still has nets, so I can only image some old stubborn sea dog taking her out ever day just before sun up. That's something I would love to photograph too, but today I had to settle for just my imagination of what this boat has been through and what it still has in her (you might notice it's for sale). I wanted to share this with you, both because I think it's a beautiful boat ( in that I wouldn't go on the open water on it if you paid me kinda way) and because, well I am a Gamecock, and I LOVE shrimp. I guess I had a lot to like, I hope you do to. If nothing else, at least I know the bird agrees with me.


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