The details taste so good! / by Matt Brodie

Just Dessert

I often find that photographers over look the small details. I think most of us our guilty of that at some point. We can sometimes has a tendancy to only see the big picture (The forest, but not the trees).

I was in Savannah, GA not long ago. It's a beautiful city, but when I photographed it, I wasn't happy with the images. I realized the reason was I was trying to focus on too much. The "big" picture was just too big.I started capturing the small details that make that city so special and the results were much better than I ever expected.

Wedding photography is very similar, you have to get the big shots. The first kiss, the first dance, exchanging the rings, etc... However, if you miss the small details (like this strawberry) you really miss out on some of the things that make a wedding day so special. Brides spend a lot of time making sure everything is perfect. A good photographer should spend just as much engery making sure all of her little details get noticed!