Some times it's about what's missing. / by Matt Brodie

Oregon Wedding

This is one of my favorite wedding images I took of a wedding in Oregon. It was a great candid moment, the bride and groom walking down the vineyard, the flower girls running being to keep up. PERFECT! Well perfect except for one thing. The wedding planner was walking in front and in between the bride and groom. I know she didn't mean to ruin the shot, but the fact is, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and GRRR as a photographer you just want to scream...MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!- But you don't, or at least you shouldn't. I took the shot with her in the middle making some goofy face. About 30 minutes worth of photoshop later and BAM! She's gone. You'd never know she was there. I took her out without too much trouble, but it was well worth it. The shot went from being an if only... to a wow that's so cute! Throw in a little black and white conversion and you've got a keeper! I end up doing something like this at least once a wedding. I don't wait to get the brides opinion, she doesn't need to know. All a bride wants is great pictures that she and her family will always treasure. That's what you got to deliver every time!